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I'm a practiced yogurt-maker, since my son won't drink plain milk but will drink yogurt/OJ smoothies, and we're on WIC which means we get lots of free milk. (It helps that I have my mother-in-law's yogurt maker from the 1970s, which didn't get used until I cleaned out her house for her sell.) But today, he successfully drank purchased kefir, which opens up some new opportunities. Has anyone ever made kefir? According to my strategic Googling, you can't just use kefir as a starter, you actually need grains. But kefir appears to be less of a PITA to make (no need to scald the milk and so forth, made at room temp, could be pre-flavored to cut down on us needing to buy so much OJ, etc).

(Making yogurt is fun, though, if you can score a second-hand maker or if, say, your crock-pot goes that low. Especially because you can add a lot of cream to it and get particularly yummy yogurt as a result. I've been enjoying it, except the burned boiled-over milk on the stove.)
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